Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Report card

My plan:
To get as much reading done as possible, and then to start writing next week.
To get most of the essay out before I leave on the 28th - as in, whacking two papers out in a week (doesn't have to be 5000 words each, but at least to get the skeleton out with some flesh on it)

My worry:
At today's class, sitting out on benches and dazed by the brightness of the sun, the sudden fear that I don't read critically, don't read enough, don't read critically enough.

My neck, my back:
Pain. (Lugging the Macbook to school in a backpack that already has several books is no joke)

My head:
Full. Overflowing from every pore is everything I've been reading so far. What if it all seeps out overnight?

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caedmon said...

you can do it! :)