Sunday, June 24, 2007


As most of my time in London was spent in the confines of the British Library (although I must say, quite a pleasant place to sit and read, with some three cafes/restaurants to choose from, and some rather nifty armchairs out front with sockets on the er... arms to plug yr laptop into, oh and soap that smelled like coconut! And of course tons and tons of books - so many that you have to get on their catalogue and request for them and a display at your desk lights up when it's ready to collect).

Sorry, as I was saying, a lot of my time was spent hard at work doing research for the dissertation, but thanks to Ching and Sam, managed to see some sights and have some good food. The list was posted previously. I suppose I should really write about it, but my mind is full of thoughts of other things, like whether my bag's too heavy. However, I shall say this: warm chocolate and green tea cake, grilled tofu with yuzu marinade, grilled aubergine with miso, moist carrot cake, strawberries and dark chocolate ice-cream, pho! But unfortunately, I didn't lug the camera along much so I can only show you the above photo of a lunch at a lovely little French cafe, where I had a duck pate sandwich with some elderflower presse.

And now I am back in Brighton, to stare at this. (and add more post-its, and move them around so they actually seem to have some cohesive theme running through)

It's Sunday and I haven't been out of the flat at all. Not at all.

Can you blame me? It's been raining almost non-stop since last night.

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