Thursday, November 22, 2007

tube time

I'm starting to think that Bryan Fuller is a fan of diners that sell tasty treats (of course there's that other fascination, but I suppose that one's kind of obvious).
In his second series Dead Like Me, the reapers gathered at Der Wafflehaus, although I only remember one episode which featured waffles (mini ones). Most of the time it was regular breakfast food like oatmeal. And in the new series Pushing Daisies, Ned owns The Pie Hole (and apparently you can get recipes from The Pie Hole at Bakespace)

Pushing Daisies is like Dead Like Me in technicolour and minus all the swear words. I think I still have a soft spot for the grouchy Georgia, Mason the screw-up and the rest of the reapers. I hate how the series ended (rather abruptly and after just two seasons), but I'm glad Bryan Fuller is back.

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