Thursday, September 04, 2008


Having spent the past hour trying to revive my ipod, I think it is time to come to the sad conclusion that it is dead. Of course as I write this, I cannot help but try the reset again, just to see if that brings it back to life.

There were faint flickers of hope in this dramatic hour, when resetting it and connecting it to the macbook's itunes triggered a prompt to restore this ipod. But when I hit the restore button, itunes suddenly realises it is not detecting the ipod anymore.

It was working perfectly fine this morning. I had fully charged it last night with no problems. And I had just been thinking how well behaved this one is, compared to the previous one, which had a wonky battery, and would barely last an hour sometimes. Oh my ipod, you have been such a good friend for more than two years, accompanying me on commutes, drowning out TV Mobile, offering non-stop music anywhere.

I am sorry to see you go.


caedmon said...

oh no! i feel sad too!!! :(

Tym said...

I guess you've tried a hard reset? And it's not a connector problem, right? My iPod Firewire cable doesn't work; fortunately the USB cable still does.

olduvai said...

Nope, not any problem that I can solve by changing cables. I've tried everything I can think of. I've checked all sorts of forums. And I still don't have any answers. Maybe it's just it's time. But thank you all, for sharing my pain!