Thursday, December 11, 2008

In today's news

"I've not heard of the book or the movie".

This ordinarily is not be a sentence that would suprise me on a Friday morning.

However, the aforementioned book and movie is Twilight. While I have every intention not to see the movie or read the book at this point of time, I've been hearing about it and reading about it - in the blogs, in the newspapers, online, and in every bookstore you step into (even in Taipei). And not just since today.

Second and more importantly, the statement was uttered just this morning on live tv, Channelnewsasia to be exact, by Suzanne Jung, the news presenter. This was just after a review of the movie. It was just a complete shock to hear the words coming from her mouth - in this day and age.


dimsumdolly said...

Aiyoh, it really makes you wonder what she's doing at work. Bizarre.

imp said...

hah? how can?

i shouldn't cloud your judgment of the movie! but after all the trailers and watnots, i think i might just be better off with having only read the book.

Anonymous said...

haha.. it's a HUGE thing in the US..everyone is reading it, myself included:P, n some of these pple are not the sort of pple who i'd expect would enjoy it.. even though, it has "clunky prose". likewise, the movie, but u know.. there's sthg there.. leaving in a few hours! will cya for realz!