Friday, June 26, 2009

La Perdida by Jessica Abel

La Perdida starts out with Carla, an American in her early 20s, heading to Mexico to search for her Mexican roots (her estranged father is Mexican). She crashes with her rich ex-boyfriend, who socializes mostly with other expats, and ends up falling out with him. And meets some locals (mostly lowlifes), including wannabe DJ Oscar with no turntable, who becomes her boyfriend. But Carla is so determined to experience the real Mexico that she doesn't see the quicksand she is slowly sinking in until it reaches her eyeballs .

It was hard to sympathize with Carla who was essentially walking around with blinders on. I wanted to shake her constantly, especially since there were so many red lights going off about her so-called friends. But I must say, it was a rather engrossing read, and I definitely enjoyed the expressive black and white drawings, which spoke volumes.

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