Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eating: The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma (July 11, 2009)

With a half hour wait ahead of us, we ordered some drinks and a lovely cheese platter, which came with slices of baguette and our choice of three cheeses (I picked one each from the cow's milk, goat's milk and sheep's milk sections) as well as some homecured salami and prosciutto. A great start to the meal, washed down with some sparkling wine. The wait wasn't too long, and anyway, the waiting area was pretty nice and comfortable.
We shared a starter of mussels with garlic toast.

R picked the set dinner, which started with some smoked trout.

My mom had the duck confit.
The main part of the set dinner was seared ahi tuna.
My dad's steak. Perfectly cooked.

I ordered bouillabaisse, a nice light dinner for a change!

The dessert that was part of the set was a fig clafoutis and caramel ice-cream.

But to add to that, we ordered this "mille feuille" that had cherries, pistachios and a lemon verbana cream. It sounded different and it was. Very refreshing and a fantastic end to this birthday dinner!


Anonymous said...

Shar, just wanna say a belated happy birthday. =D golden age =)

Tien has popped too one day after ur bday =)

and btw, need your help. Ur fiend Richard does T-shirts. Could u pass me his contact over email or something? =)

and btw, i can't use FB in office, thus always blogging spot u =) Thanks!!


imp said...

happy birthday you! full of good eats and cheer!

olduvai said...

Thanks guys!

mel said...

Happy belated birthday Sharlene argh why do I always forget it even though I am very aware your bday is in July :P Looks like it was a lovely dinner!