Thursday, October 08, 2009

Links for 8 October 2009

Want to read 500 books in a year? Both Eyes Book Blog shows you how. And I am truly in awe.

"But at the same time, the paradox is that every book we write is a lottery ticket: the strange alchemy that turns a well-written book into a well-written runaway commercial success on the level of Fugitive Pieces or The Lovely Bones—in other words, a book with sales numbers on a scale that might possibly allow a writer to quit a day job—is somewhat mysterious. It might happen to anyone."

Need more books to add to your already lengthy TBR list? The Millions lays out the longlist of titles nominated by its “Best Fiction of the Millennium (So Far)” panel.


Jessica said...

I'm blushing! Thanks so much for the link.

olduvai said...

You're welcome!