Sunday, November 23, 2003

heaven or hell? can't tell

went with lena to Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar at the Esplanade yesterday. Man was the Esplanade packed! people were just milling about, doing god know's what really.

The Esplanade seems to be the newest family destination which is a terrible pity cos it would be tons nicer there without all those bratty kids running around.

Especially in the library. I mean, hell there's not even a kids' section in the esplanade library so why the hell are all those kids there??? pisses me off!

i kinda like the chocolate bar. it was nice and empty when we sat down at 3pm. i ordered a venezuelan dark hot chocolate and she had a traditional italian. They both came in 'hug mugs' where the mugs are meant to be held with two hands as there isn't a handle and it's shaped like a teardrop.

I really liked my hot chocolate. It was chocolatey but not too sweet, which léna's was (to the point that she had to add some water to dilute it)

but it all went downhill from 430 onwards when it started getting crowded. The staff of 4 started looking all harrassed and we had to wait ages to get the bill. That's not the worst part. One of the staff leans over to us and said $11.10. So we got out the money and then another staff member finally presented the bill which said $10.45. I know the difference is only a few cents but it just doesn't reflect well on the customer!

What I didn't like was there didn't seem to be a manager or some kind of senior staff around. Max Brenner has some kind of reputation. and altho this is the first outlet in singapore, surely better service shld be provided.

service in singapore just plain sucks. that's all.

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