Sunday, December 03, 2006

pita pizza

Pita pizza's the new fried rice.

When you've got four pitas which hit their "best by" date tomorrow, and you just had a pita sandwich for lunch, it calls for new ways to deal with these things.

And so the pita pizza was born.

I am of course, not taking credit for this. I'm sure millions of people have eaten it this way, but I've only just thought about it.

I keep buying pita, which come in a six pack, and always end up eating them either cold as a sandwich, or warmed in the oven as an accompaniment to soup.

So today, pita pizza has been added to my repertoire.

It's simple, quick and such an effective use of various items in my fridge that I wonder why I never thought about it before.

No tomato sauce? No problem - just use that bottle of pesto that's in the back corner of the shelf there.

Slather it onto the pita, slice up some courgettes and place them on the pestoed pita. Dig in the fridge for the bacon and the salami. Fry up the bacon first, cos bacon's just no good when it's not crispy.

Top it all off with some spices/herbs/seasonings.

Pop in the preheated oven, which was about 180 deg.

And er, when it looks right, take it out.

Yes, I'd make such an excellent cook book writer - precise instructions and all.

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