Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a meal of epic proportions


Or something of that sort, can always be had at Bill's in Brighton (no relation to bills in Sydney). It started as a produce store in Lewes and today it's Brighton eatery also stocks a variety of international foods and fresh produce.
I had the signature buttermilk pancakes - it was a rather monstrous platter topped with fruits, ice cream and maple syrup, what a treat for the eyes and the stomach!

bills cakes
Their cake display

bills hot choc
Hot chocolate

Bill's - good food for all ages.


kimbofo said...

Jeez, I gotta stop looking at your pictures. I have to go to Bill's now! I am a sucker for pancakes -- that's the most amazing looking dish I've ever seen. The fruit looks truly delicious.

olduvai said...

It is! It's probably one of the best pancake dishes I've had ever.