Monday, August 25, 2008

Things that go crash bang clink clunk screee in the dark

At 330 this morning, I was startled out of an oddly pleasant dream in which I had turned into a fish while swimming in a lake. The clunk clunks and clink clinks of chains and heavy machinery made me think of Jacob Marley coming for Ebenezer. The noise finally died down and I went back to sleep, first checking to make sure I wasn’t hearing the voice of the Great Gonzo.

And then just some few hours later, at about 7, when I was up and about, preparing my lunch and breakfast, the great machinery came a-clunking back.

So where did they go for those few hours? For an early morning walk-a-jog around Bukit Timah? To have an early breakfast of nuts and bolts with their heavy machinery friends working at the disaster zone that is Farrer Road?

We will never know the mysteries of the lives of heavy machinery. if only they would learn to tiptoe.

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