Sunday, August 03, 2008

we two

There were no rings exchanged, and our vows were thought of on the spot, but there were smiles, laughter, great food and wine, and more importantly, our family and friends were there to witness the solemnisation of our marriage.

Table setting

The private dining room at Brown Sugar was done up far better than I expected. It was cosy and romantic, far from the room I saw several months ago in daylight.

Wedding chairs

Ready to sign

It was a small affair as the room only seats 24 people, but there was space for this little fella who was cooed over by all.

The youngest diner


I think people enjoyed the food - there was plenty of it, and it wasn't too extravagant or rich.

Organic mushroom soup

Baked salmon
Veal cheek

Although the sticky date pudding was a bit too sweet - the pudding itself was fine, but it would've been better without the butterscotch sauce.
Sticky Date Pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream

It was a great night. It could not have been any better.

holding hands

And in all too short a time, R was off again, flying back to SF on Sunday. I'm back at work tomorrow or so, if this cold finally blows over. It was an intense two weeks - meeting parents, parents meeting parents, meeting friends, verifying our documents at the Registry of Marriages, buying gifts, making sure the details of the solemnisation dinner worked out well, eating out, eating in, being locked in at couples' boot camp for the weekend (otherwise known as Engaged Encounter), meeting more friends, meeting parents again, going to the doctor (twice). But we managed to find time for each other.

On Sunday, I waved to him as he walked into the departure area, knowing that he'll be back again in December and that this was the last of our airport goodbyes, for we finally take our first flight together in January!


kartaly said...

It all looks so lovely! Congrats dear!

t said...

hey buddy, congrats! such a poetic, romantic entry. lets try to meet up for drinks before you leave in january!


imp said...

happy marriage u! to jan 08 then!

Yukiko said...

Looks sooooooooo nice!! I am happy for you two, your parents and frineds. Looking forward to seeing you in Dec!

olduvai said...

thanks everyone!

Lounge Lizard said...

Congrats! :)

You are moving overseas?