Saturday, April 25, 2009

Better late than never

It's taken me a week to post these pictures, but here are some of what R and I did last weekend, a lazy lazy one with some fun in the kitchen on the Saturday, and a nice hour-long walk on Sunday.

First, on Thursday I made chocolate banana cake (from a Bill Granger recipe, which in case you're interested, has been posted in full here. I added some chopped walnuts into the mixture, and served it on its own. It's quite rich already, with the chocolate chips.)

Then on Saturday, we whipped up some waffles with my new toy, the hand mixer (I was toying with buying a very coveted Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but with our stay here not a permanent one, and the whole electrical appliances thing being quite different here from Singapore's, I think I'll wait to make the investment when I'm more settled. It is after all, quite pricey. This one was far more affordable, and can do the whisking/beating I need for now.)

And our other new-ish toy, the waffle maker, which is actually some years old, and comes courtesy of R's parents.

Ok so this wasn't the first batch. The first batch got stuck because the top half of the waffle maker wasn't oiled. It was however, still edible, but just not as pretty. These waffles were from the leftover batter that we stuck in the fridge for Sunday.
For dinner, we headed out to San Mateo to hit the Japanese supermarket, and returned with some lovely and quite affordable sashimi.

And made our own sushi, mostly of avocado, crab stick, Japanese cucumber and Japanese mayonaise.

Not pretty but pretty tasty!

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