Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday in Santa Cruz Part Two

We walked off the lunch (well, at least part of it) at the beach.

And then we put it all back on again when we had a late dinner at Chocolate. This required a very patient 50-minute wait for a table, most of which I spent at the lovely Bookshop Santa Cruz next door. They had great staff recommendations all around the store (also available on their website), and a nice selection of books and magazines. I picked up the current issue of Zoetrope All Story, which has a Latin American focus.

Sesame chicken salad

Asparagus torta with salad.

'Belga' hot chocolate - like drinking nutella.

The Dessert Orgy - gelato, chocolate cream pie, coconut cream pie, cherry pie, tiramisu, a very dark and rich chocolate cake and chocolate truffles. It was a good selection, and I'm glad it wasn't all chocolate, which would've been far too sinful. Dessert was definitely the highlight of this meal and I would return again, but probably have dinner elsewhere.
1522 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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imp said...

that hot chocolate looks absolutely divine.