Friday, November 03, 2006

the gunpowder treason and plot

For the past week, fireworks have been going off around town at night and in the evenings. Its bonfire night on Saturday and the nearby village of Lewes apparently is nationally renowned for its bonfire with six bonfire societies battling it out for top honours - burning of Guy Fawkes and all that. Stores selling fireworks have suddenly sprung up along the route to school and obviously from the noise outside, some people aren't gonna wait for Saturday. Actually the fact that it is on Saturday already shows that it's all about the fireworks cos the Fifth of November is really on Sunday isn't it?

Anyway I'm not gonna be there, because (a) it's gonna be bloody crowded (b) it's gonna be freaking cold (c) I'm gonna be at the Brighton Centre watching the Flaming Lips. What to do?

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me said...

ooohh! flaming lips or guy fawkes.. i guess u prefer the lips eh?? lucky u...have fun!!