Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday lunch

sunday lunch

So it's not your usual English Sunday lunch, which always makes me think of Yorkshire pudding and roast beef, sitting around a heavy dark wooden table in a cosy pub somewhere down the back alleys. And of course, several pints.

Instead, it's a simple spaghetti thrown on top of some roughly chopped crisp salad leaves, tossed with salt, pepper and olive oil and with some prosciutto torn up and placed on top. Serve that with a mug of hot green tea and Edward Said's Orientalism. And finish with a sliced-up large persimmon, which I found at the organic Asian store, Taj.

So this post is for you mum, to let you know that my diet's more than sandwiches and soup!


me said...

proscuitto...!! that's gourmet stuff yo.. wahhh.. i cant afford such things.. but looks yummie!!

olduvai said...

well it was on offer! but yeah a bit pricey...I just felt like having a change from normal ham!

Anonymous said...

After you're done with Said's "Orientalism", you might like to read "Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies" by Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit. An interesting "response" or reversal of Said's work. When you're free, of course. Your reading pile sounds huge as it is.
And prosciutto is just great (particularly with rocket salad and sliced parmesan cheese). Now I feel like having some myself!


olduvai said...

hey monoceros!
Thanks for the title. Unfortunately I had to do some quick skimming through Orientalism as the rest of the pile was threatening to collapse on me. And the school library doesnt seem to have that book! I'll see if the public library can get it for me. Thanks!