Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

I love Wayne Coyne
Here is a man, a lead singer of a band, who comes out on stage to shoot confetti at the audience before the opening act even comes on.
Here is a man who comes out on stage to check on the setup and er shoots more confetti at the audience while he's at it.
Here's a man who halfway through the show stops to talk about the opening act and praises him for his dering-do.
Here is a man who stops the concert while paramedics help someone who apparently had some kinda reaction (seizure maybe) to the strobe lights.
So yes, I love Wayne Coyne.
I love the Flaming Lips.
I would like to say now that I can die happy having finally seen then in concert, but I'm not satisfied...I was up in the balcony. I need to be in the front, to get shot at with confetti.

Anyway, I must say that I was quite surprised at the rather lackadaisal attitude of the pit. When we got there at about 645, the standing room only was hardly standing room only! There were a few people at the front, firmly chopeing their places but the rest of the people only sauntered in through the opening act.

The opening act: Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (he repeated the name thrice but it was only when Coyne said it that I finally understood) is rather emo but was actually pretty good though, him and his guitar and his drummer and his laptop and a trumpeter.

But as every opening act knows, we were there for the Lips. And the Lips did not disappoint!

There was the inflatable hamster wheel that Wayne gets in and walks on the audience in.
There's the gang of Santa Clauses on the right and the gang of aliens on the left (ok so I was expecting the animal suits). There was the laser show. There was Wayne inflating a massive balloon filled with confetti until it bursts, sprinkling coloured paper on the audience below. There was the nun puppet. There was the whirling over the head of a light bulb thingy. There was however no fake blood.
flaming lips 3
But there were all my favourites:
Race to the Prize
Fight Test
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Do You Realise?
She Don't Use Jelly
and of course, many more, including from their new album like Free Radicals and My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, and also, the description (and many swearwords) about a thief who had snuck into their dressing room and stole a laptop and cameras.


imp said...

one word: *ENVY*!!!

Anonymous said...

you saw flaming lips and get cape.wear


i recently got into get cape..good stuff..


olduvai said...

Well when he came on stage I wasn't expecting much but he's really pretty good! And I like that he's got an anti-British National Party song.