Wednesday, February 07, 2007


How useless I feel without the Internet. It's like my arm and leg are missing and that all I can do is lie limp in bed staring at the wall, counting the blu tack.

Ok so I exaggerate a little. But 24 hours without on-demand Internet access is a killer. I had to drag my laptop to school to send off my presentation notes for tomorrow's class. I had to go without my morning blog/newspaper reads. I couldn't even check what the temperature would be like for the day (and had to guess by watching people down in the street - which can be terribly misleading as some strange hardcore types walk around in just a longsleeved top while others more sensibly pull on their full gear of winter coats, scarves and gloves). I couldnt check my email or get on MSN. My connection to the world was lost. I was cut off, isolated, lost.

And now I'm back.

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me said...

yaay!! welcome back!!