Saturday, February 10, 2007

weekend of eating

It starts with Friday night and a simply delicious dinner of chirashi sushi and miso soup prepared by one of my Japanese flatmates.

Saturday lunch is a failed attempt to eat at Malay House on Preston Street. The "closed" sign mocks us but it looks like it's closed for good as there's a pile of mail on the doorstep. Instead we cross the street and give China China a try. It looks promising as the price is decent and it's packed with Chinese students, mostly gorging on large plates of rice and noodles. But the dim sum menu catches my eye, although of course it's not a purely dim sum restaurant and the quality won't be perfect. So I order the usual - siew mai, char siew bao, zha leung, pai guat, nuo mai gai, xiaolongbao and some hot and sour soup (yeah this place is one of those mishmesh types). And it was actually not too bad. Of course not as nice as the dim sum place in London but pretty decent.

Sunday dinner I decide to cook in return for my Japanese flatmate.

Starting with a simple clear vegetable soup of corn, carrots, onions and celery.

Then the main dish of spare ribs marinated in a oyster-soy-chilli-honey-ginger marinade, accompanied with roast sweet potatoes.

Followed by a chocolate souffle (from the supermarket!)

Sometimes though, when reading blog posts by umami and chez pim in Paris, I regret being on the wrong side of the channel. I often wander the generic supermarkets' produce section in despair - it's always the same boring items. Thank goodness for Taj and their non-plastic wrapped vegetables.

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