Friday, February 09, 2007

one bookstore, two bookstore

In case you haven't realised yet, I read. A lot. I read for school, I read for well, everything else.
So it's about time I write about the thing I really like about the location of my flat. It's a few minutes away from a secondhand and antique bookstore, another couple of minutes from that is Borders and Waterstones. And in the North Laine area (about five minutes walk), there are at least 5 secondhand bookstores, as well as the library.

But wait there's more!

On certain Tuesdays, some secondhand retailers set up a small fair at one of the university's open courtyards. As you can imagine, walking through that courtyard requires a will of steel. I faltered last week and picked up a pretty new copy of Maxine Hong Kingston's China Men for 1.50.

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