Wednesday, October 08, 2008


And today, you get a double post!

Because I'm a bit tired of writing and analysis. And I need to read something else. While Amazon has its Kindle, Sony apparently has been pushing its eReader, with UK book bloggers like dovegreyreader and kimbofo getting to test drive them.

So The Beside Crow gives us the Pony eReader! You can get your own too! Watch your life change before your eyes.

(And I must urge you to read the rest of the blog posts, it's like overheard in NY, except it's erm, conversations in a London bookstore. It's been providing some good reads for this dreary Thursday morning, of which I have a box of yesterday's fried rice and a big bunch of grapes to look forward to for lunch. And tonight, I have the exciting prospect of more telephone interviews with people who don't pick up their phones! Glory glory!)


JonathanM said...

Hey, thanks! Glad I brightened your Thursday morning.

olduvai said...

You're welcome! It is a great read.