Thursday, October 23, 2008

too relaxed?

Last night, R forwarded a two-sheeted excel document from his friends whose wedding is a week after ours. It's a comprehensive list of helpers, contacts, a detailed schedule of the actual day and what-nots. And they've even scheduled a helpers' meet-up for next month.

It looks like we've got some catching up to do.

But with two months to go, and things more or less booked, I figure, eh, we're doing ok. Sure there are the little things to sort out, but I don't think ours is a complicated wedding. We do need some help from friends and family to run things on the actual day, but I think things should go fine.

(Although as I type this, I wonder, am I too relaxed? People keep saying I seem very relaxed for someone who's getting married in a couple o fmonths. Is there such a thing? Why do brides always seem so stressed out and busy doing stuff? I know I've asked this before, but it seems like such a surprise to people that it keeps me wondering, huh, what should I be doing? What should I be thinking about? And yet as I think about these questions - answers are a blank - I think of what is important to me on the day itself: That the people who matter are there. And that everyone's happy and eating good food.)


caedmon said...

hey dear, pls don't join in the mad rush. you're doing fine. i mean seriously, weddings are meant to be enjoyed by the couple too you know. so pls continue to enjoy the process :)

Tym said...

Yeah, buck the trend, be an un-stressed bride! But it's also good to deputize a good friend or cousin to be "in charge" for the day itself, so that you can leave any last-minute fiddly details to him/her and totally enjoy your day.

Happy pre-wedding non-stressful planning! :)

mel said...

you sound stressed about not being stressed ;) but it does sound like you are doing fine girl and since you have the space to do things your own way, then please relish this freedom to make this your special day! many many people (woops hope i haven't been one of them) may tell you what you are SUPPOSED to feel/do but really it's meant to be a uniquely personal experience, absolutely no need to be an anal bridezilla just because most of us high-strung singaporean females are so ;)

olduvai said...

yeah mel, I think I was getting stressed about not actually being stressed. Heh!

Thanks for the advice, everyone! :)