Wednesday, October 15, 2008

want a naan

After a weekend of Penang food, I wanted something non-Asian for dinner. It's like people needing to eat Chinese food after a few days in Europe, except that I need to eat ang moh food.

The canteen at the airport had the usual offerings, zhi char, cai peng, noodles... the one western stall had such a queue, perhaps also from pasta-starved Singaporeans returning from trips in the region. It was too long, and the relatives were all picking the quick and easy choices, so I figured I should look for something else. The only thing else was the Indian stall, which listed naans - plain, garlic or cheese. But as I looked at their naan, I just couldn't help think of the lovely Indian food at Cherry Lane last week, shook my head and went for some hot milo (and at home, some crackers and a brownie).

Cos I really really like the Indian food at Cherry Lane. I don't know what the stall's name is but the eloquent owner (at least I think he's the owner) persuaded us that day to try this new yet-t0-be-put-on-the-menu starter of button mushrooms, capsicum and spices wrapped up in a pastry and deepfried. It's served with a pineapple sauce. And surprisingly tasty.

And once again their tikka - this time we had the chicken - is tender and succulent. And their cheese naan and garlic naan were tasty with the cottage cheese and spinach curry.

Wash it down with a dark Erdinger. How can one top that with a airport canteen naan and curry?

(And on that note, this used to be a food blog, but it's not really one anymore. I don't eat out that often, and when I do, it's not really been all that fantastic. I'd rather stick to places that I know are good, such as the Indian stall at Cherry Lane, where you can get something affordable and really tasty. The old reviews are all still there on the right, and will probably remain; it's just highly unlikely that I will be adding more on places in Singapore.)

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