Monday, March 09, 2009

Thank you Dorie Greenspan!

For Baking From My Home to Yours. For in your book, I found the recipe for 'My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies', and with a name like that, who can help trying out the recipe? And they are really THE BEST chocolate chip cookies ever.

They are chewy and soft (even on the third day of gloriously sinful eating) and just nicely chocolatey and not too sweet. In other words, chocolate chip cookie heaven! Or more specifically cocoa chocolate chip cookie and coffee chocolate chip cookie heaven, because I headed straight for two of your variations.

And thank you also for writing a book with recipes that are easy to read and that come with great tips and hints. If not for those, I might've gone ahead and baked two trays at once to save time, and the cookies probably wouldn't have turned out that well.

So thank you Dorie Greenspan for 'My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies'!

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