Tuesday, August 25, 2009

R.I.P. IV Challenge

I've decided to take on my first ever reading challenge. There are so many of them out there these days, and I seem to keep missing those that appeal to me (mostly because I read about them, think 'that sounds interesting, I should sign up' and then never do). So here goes, this will be my first step into the reading challenge world, with the R.I.P. IV Challenge.

I've decided to just go for it and target Peril The First, where I have to read "four books of any length, from any subgenre of scary stories that you choose". I realised that there aren't that many books in my TBR list that fall into the categories of: Mystery. Suspense. Thriller. Dark Fantasy. Gothic. Horror. Supernatural. So my pool of books is a little small but I will (hopefully) read all of them. 

The Stand by Stephen King
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
The Ghost in Love by Jonathan Carroll
The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
The Collector of Hearts by Joyce Carol Oates
The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton by Edith Wharton


DesLily said...

i've noticed quite a few have put The Stand on their list! You are among many! good luck and have fun~

Carl V. said...

The Stand does seem to be on a lot of lists so far. One of the things I love about hosting this challenge is seeing which books, older or newer, seem to create their own buzz.

I am truly and sincerely honored that you have chosen the R.I.P. IV Challenge as your first reading challenge. I try very hard to make it laid back, relaxed and fun. I really mean it when I say it is all about the experience of reading and not about racking up a bunch of reads for the sake of doing so.

I hope you enjoy the next two months of the challenge.

Becky said...

Welcome to the world of reading challenges! You picked a great one to start with :)

Heather said...

I've been seeing The Stand on a lot of lists. You are some brave, brave people. lol

RIP is a great challenge to start with, it was probably my second and I haven't missed a year since. Have a great time and good luck!!

Amanda said...

I read The Haunting of Hill House about a decade ago, and don't remember it very well. I should reread it.

olduvai said...

DesLily and Heather - I put The Stand on my list mostly because a few weeks ago, I'd picked up a brand new copy in my library, and it was 'The Complete & Uncut Edition'. And I thought, ooh, that looks good (plus it's brand new-ish!) Of course, I had already too many books in my stack so I had to leave it behind, sadly. But I'll be back to pick it up now!

Carl - RIP IV sounds like such a great challenge to kick off reading challenges with. I like that it's pretty fluid and up to the reader to take the path they wish. Plus I don't get into the supernatural/horror/gothic etc that much so it'll be a great eye-opener. And what fantastic banners! I look forward to beginning the challenge.

Becky - Thanks for dropping by. I can't wait to start!

Amanda - Shirley Jackson is one author I've been meaning to read more of. This is a great opportunity!