Monday, May 15, 2006

It's starting up again

So I had the day off. And once again, it's back to figuring out what to do by myself on a weekday.

Wasn't too bad today, as I had some errands to run and then met my sister for lunch at the Crystal Jade Macau Cafe Restaurant at Bugis Junction.

We shared char siew bao, yam puffs, shrimp and watercress dumplings, and baked rice with porkchop.

The dumplings were these delightfully tasty things. Too bad they were a little on the small side and only came in threes. I could've had more!

The char siew bao is always pretty tasty and so was the wu kok. The baked rice was interesting, although it sure didn't look baked. It was topped with a slightly sweet-sour tomato-based sauce. I didn't like that the porkchop had bones though.

This outlet is a nice change from the usual Crystal Jade Kitchen/La Mian Xiao Long Bao places. There was even my favourite egg and corn beef sandwich! But kinda pricey lah for such an ordinary dish, plus I didn't like the look of the bread they use (which kinda resembles that tooth-cracking fried baguette they use in the goose meat sandwich at the outlet at Wisma)

Mmm but the shrimp and watercress dumpling! I could definitely go for that again.

After lunch, I hit the library, where I ended up not being able to decide which four books I needed the most, and went away with six, telling myself that six really is plenty for three weeks.

Steven Millhauser - The Knife Thrower and other stories
Best of McSweeney's Vol 1
Barbara Ehrenreich - Bait And Switch
Melissa Banks - The Wonder Spot
A.M. Homes - Things You Should Know
Bao Jiemin - Marital Acts: Gender, Sexuality and Identity Among The Chinese Thai Diaspora

And with that load, I popped into the new Spins at Raffles City, which took over the back half of Mango (the front half is now Adidas) because (1) Spins is great! (2) I got a flyer for a $2 latte from the Spins at the office. Heh.

It's been a good day. Now it's time to go read one of my books... although the question is: which one!

Listening to: Nina Simone - Love Me or Leave Me

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