Tuesday, May 30, 2006

wine and dine

I quite like the Wine Company at Dempsey Road, having been many times just for a bottle of wine, but it's more likely to be a couple of bottles, some pizza, cheese platter, chicken wings...

I just don't like that sometimes it can get kinda crowded - I prefer to sit indoor (got a/c mah) and sometimes the laughter and the chatting can get rather loud.

So I am very pleased to find that the newer outlet at Evans Road has a larger indoor area - where the tables aren't forced close together - as well as a nice outdoor area. And it's got proper food.

There are salads, soups, pastas, lamb cutlets... and char kway teow. Yeah...

Anyway, we went for the cheese platter, the prawn and mango salad with an assam sauce (which was kinda tasty), the mushroom pasta (could do with more salt and pepper but was piled with quite a bit of mushrooms, which was great) and a spinach pizza (always good)

And because I was in a "sparkly" mood, we went with a lovely sparkling white wine. I can't remember what it was now but it was yummy.

I like that they used the original tiled floor, and introduced lovely dark wood furniture and ceiling fans that recreate a colonial feel. The ugly fish tank in the middle was a bit out of place though. Not just cos it's ugly but it seemed to have been a last minute decision - maybe a fengshui master said they needed some kind of water element in the room.

Dinner including the wine and $6 fee they charge for consuming the wine inhouse, came up to about $85.

The Wine Company @ Evans
26 Evans Road
Tel: 6732-1229

(yeah I really couldn't think of a better post title)

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