Tuesday, May 23, 2006

lucky lucky you're so lucky

A venture into Lucky Plaza can be pretty fruitful.

It not only gives me the chance to fill up with Indonesian food - today oxtail soup, although I must say the meat was kinda lacking! (And also to meet with hucks, whom I hadn't seen in a long while)

I find all kinds of surprises at the (seemingly permanent) book fair on the ground floor near the lift lobby.

I've already picked up some steals over past visits but today I found Nigella Lawson's Forever Summer going for only ten bucks! And I'd even been considering getting it at Borders during their sale. But it definitely wouldn't have been $10 after discount then!

Another find was Gregory Maguire's Mirror Mirror at $8 and a Great Britain guide for $12.

So three books for $30.

I would've bought more but those three were already kinda heavy - plus I was already carrying the McSweeney's book that I've yet to finish. Plus I'm really not supposed to buy more books.

1 comment:

huckerby said...

you failed to mention how fast you picked up the three books! haha

good to see ya after so long ;)