Wednesday, May 31, 2006

gone too soon

Now where did my two days off go?

I had Mon and Tues off - they were days owed to me - and here I am, on Wednesday, feeling like I was just here in the office the day before.

Let's recap, shall we?

Monday - I spend the morning calling travel agents and checking online for affordable airfares to Chicago.
I spend that same morning feeling broke - the tickets are rather frightfully expensive.
After exhausting my list of travel agents (ie the classifieds) and essentially hearing about the same quotations, I give up and go have some lunch of pasta with tomato-based sauce (essentially lotsa garlic, some fresh ginger, some mushrooms, celery, one fresh tomato and one can of whole tomatoes, oregano and a bit of fresh chilli, and of course some linguini)
I spend the afternoon lazing around and watching In Good Company (Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, Scarlett Johansson) then find myself all headachey and wondering if I should go meet the girls for dinner.
I figure that as long as I stay away from any alcohol, it should be fine.

So it's off to the Turquoise Room for some average food and great company.

This time I have the grilled prawn salad - nothing terribly interesting. It lacked a zesty dressing - the Wine Company did a far better job with their prawn salad and its assam dressing. This one simply used balsamic and olive oil *yawn*

Faring far worse was the apple crumble with ice-cream. First of, we were asked if we'd prefer vanilla or chocolate.
Chocolate? For an apple crumble? I love my chocolate, but I doubt it would go with an apple crumble.

When it comes, it resembles a pie or a tart. It's wedge-shaped. It doesn't look like an apple crumble. It's flat. Where's the crumble? (now this is apple crumble)

It tastes of digestive biscuits. Both the bottom and top of the pie seem to be made of crushed digestive biscuits, which overpower the apples and whatever spices (if any) were added to the apples. So it tasted like digestive biscuits. And more digestive biscuits, with some squishy bits (the apple) in the middle.


Tuesday - I make a few more phone calls and finally decided to just book the damn thing, after learning that Northwest is full on the weekend I intend to go. So it's United for me - better lah, only one stop vs Northwest's two. (Alright so I'm lazy)

I stay at home for dinner, where once again I face the prospect of watching local TV series - my parents like Ch 8 dramas, which never fail to amuse me. I decide to go online instead, not really wanting to see an hour of overacting, bad sets and cliched plots.

So that's my two days off. It's back in the office again. Whee........

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Lounge Lizard said...

Your blog always makes me very hungry...