Saturday, August 19, 2006


R says that he thinks I thought the roadtrip was too boring, which is why I can't think of what to write.

ok so i really cant think of where to start, but not because I thought it was boring.

It was fun. It was 10 days of being driven around - the fella bought a manual car and the last time I drove a manual car was when I passed my driving test so I wasn't feeling confident about driving one - up to Chicago, Ann Arbor, Niagara and Toronto.

What a gorgeous city Chicago is! And how lucky we were with weather the two nights we were there. We stayed in the theatre district and it was walking distance to most of the sights.

Like the Magnificent Mile

And the Chicago River, where we took the Chicago Architecture Foundation's river cruise.

The Bean, or as it's officially known, Cloud Gate.

And of course, when you're in Chicago, you gotta have the deep dish pizza, although I must say I still prefer the thin-crust types.

Then it was time to say goodbye to this great city and head off to Ann Arbor, Michicagn, where we hit the outlet mall,
the German town of Frankenmuth, and then lucky me, I fell sick.

Somehow I made it up to Niagara and saw this

Before ending up seeing nothing of Toronto, except for the drive up from Niagara to the hotel and the drive back to Michigan. I did however, manage to put in a lot of TV watching time in the hotel, including the finale of Hells Kitchen. I did also get a sneak peek into life in Toronto - in a doctor's office and pharmacy.

Luckily, the meds seem to be working and we made it back to Illinois safe and sound, only to work the muscles packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking as R moved into his newer (and much nicer and bigger) apartment. This involved many trips to and from the old crummy apartment and several trips to various Walmarts (this place has three) and Meijer to get various supplies (it's back to school time so household supplies are selling like hotcakes - it took two visits to different supermarkets before we found shower hooks!)

We've got another minor roadtrip again, another 3 hours to Chicago to see Wicked, as we got Saturday matinee tickets for Sept 2. Hope the weather will be good.


me said...

i'm sure chicago was damn nice!! wld like to go some day too..
btw, lemme say this again, u guys have the same nose!! haha.. so cute..

imp said...

your photos said it all!