Sunday, August 27, 2006

flix fix

Besides satisfying my need to read, the Champaign Public Library is also fulfilling another need: DVDs.

Unlike the Singapore libraries, DVDs can be borrowed for free (and CDs too!) for a week.

And so this week, we left the library with:
The Life Aquatic
I (heart) Huckabees
Alfie (the original one with Michael Caine)
Babette's Feast
Sin City

Last week I finally watched:
American Splendor
Beyond The Sea

I've never really looked at the National Library Board's DVD collection - cos I don't have that premium membership where you pay $21 a year for borrowing from the media collection - so I haven't any clue what's available there. But here, it's free. And that rocks my socks off.

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Biao said...

The thing that struck me when I came to the US was how easily it was to get things free.

The important things: ketchup, napkins, even toilet paper seat covers. Not to mention unlimited soft drink refills at most restaurants. All easily available and you don't have to ask the person behind the counter for a lousy piece of napkin.

Maybe it's priced into the product. I don't know. But dammit it feels good to get stuff easily.