Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Make it work

Oh how fun it is to wake up, eat some Honey Smacks for breakfast (which I could never find in Singapore) and a glass of OJ and then read the posts over at Project Rungay.

Yes, Project Runway is one of the few shows I can actually remember the telecast time of here. The rest of the time I'm flipping through the channels, like last night, after watching the original Alfie on DVD and stumbling on the Fab 5 making people lose weight (and making their friends cry).

And on another note, Greys Anatomy and House are premiering their new seasons next month. How delightful


Anonymous said...

You can get "Honey Smacks" at Tanglin Mall :) Cost more than the usual Kellogs box though. I miss the smaller boxes.

olduvai said...

hey thanks for that! I'll definitely check it out when I get back home. :)