Thursday, August 24, 2006

Everyday, it's a-getting faster

My cursor has hovered over the "+" (new post) sign in my Blogger dashboard for long enough. I suppose it's time again for yet another inane post.

However, what have I been doing that I can blog about?

After the roadtrip, it was all about packing and moving and unpacking and cleaning and then we were finally installed in this much bigger, much brighter apartment. The other place was tiny - a living room/kitchen/dining room and then a bedroom plus bathroom/closet. It was also kinda musty and dark. It didn't help that it was on the ground floor and that it faced the carpark.

This new place though, has a much larger living room and kitchen, and a little dining counter with bar stools. There's a little balcony and more importantly, two rooms so that one can be used as a study instead.

And now that the move has completed, and school has begun, I’ve marvelled at the way time seems to scoot on by since I'm doing absolutely nothing.

I wake up before 8 and have some cereal for breakfast (although I am now at a loss since I just finished the box of Honey Smacks) and flip through the channels before giving up and turning to a book instead. Then it's off for a quick shower and then online to check emails, read blogs, read online papers (except of course for that certain paper which restricts online access....)

After a visit to the library on Monday, I've got another six books to finish. The library here's not too bad. They've got quite a few books (and often, quite a few copies) I want to read and more importantly, they don't have a limit on the number of books you can borrow, just a time limit of 4 weeks. There's also a little DVD and CD collection, which can be borrowed for free for one week. For free. So we checked out Adaptation, American Splendor, Beyond the Sea and Transporter 2. And there are still the DVDs we bought for $7.50 at Walmart that we haven't seen yet.

Plus there's also various other TV shows to watch like all those shows on the Food Network (Alton Brown, Iron Chef etc), Project Runway, reruns of The Simpsons, Gilmore Girls, Malcolm In The Middle... I've also attempted to start reading off my reading list, which the convenor of the MA programme has thoughtfully provided along with her welcome letter (although she did state that it isn't expected that we do the readings, rather that they are "merely introductory suggestions for those who want to get going". And if these 11 are just "introductory suggestions" for the two courses in the first semester, I foresee many times that as the actual reading list. I believe I will be haunting the library when school starts.

So there is plenty to do. Plus there's some cooking to do as well - we finally bought some rice and had Chinese food for dinner (or at least my version of Chinese food - stir-fried xiao bai cai, fried tofu, sesame chicken). And you know me, I love supermarkets. I love poking around the fresh produce section, wondering what to do with these lovely fresh veg you'd never see at NTUC.

And by writing out this blog post, I've managed to while away some of my morning. The Internet is such a lovely time-waster. And yes, it is also a delightfully free way of keeping in touch with my family and friends. So thank you, Internet, for existing.

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