Friday, April 20, 2007

bits and pieces

When I got off the train from Gatwick to Brighton, I couldn't help thinking how odd it felt to be returning from a week's vacation, back to a place I hardly call home. It's like going from one hotel to another, not really completely rooted. I don't think it's just me who feels this way, my classmates were talking about how Brighton seems to be a very transient place, where people stick around for a year or two and move off some place else. Perhaps it's because we're students. And with two universities, there are many students in this town. In a few days I'll be off to Illinois for six weeks. Two hours in a bus, another couple of hours at the airport, eight hours in the plane, three hours in the car. And I'll finally be there.

Meanwhile, Brighton Daily Photo's been doing a series of posts on the locations of Quadrophenia, which I have to admit I have never seen. That cafe's just down the road from here!

And on the bus ride back from school today, a sign on a truck owned by Sussex Scaffoldings: 'Always a satisfying erection'. I wish I had a camera.

A visit to a hairdresser saw clumps of my hair wafting to the floor. It ended up shorter than I asked for, but I quite like it.

Today, a vicious mutant seagull (they're massive in Brighton I tell you) attacks my classmate's quiche when we were having lunch out in the sun. The nice cafe people hand over another. And we glare at the bird, which stares back, hoping for another sneaky attack.

That's it from Brighton for today.

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