Sunday, April 29, 2007

oh no oh yes!

Thursday night, we caught Ok Go in concert at U of I! Yes, those 'assholes in the treadmill song' as lead singer Damian Kulash described themselves.

We really should've just turned up at 830 as opening band Living Blue sucked. Their nine too many songs all sounded the same and the sound was just really bad and distorted. I entertained myself by watching the audience downstairs as they texted other people (probably with the message 'this band sucks'). Was everyone just too polite to actually say 'you suck!' or did they actually like them? I really couldn't tell.

Finally, Ok Go came on, all snazzily dressed, in stripey shirts and suits. The best part was when they wandered off stage and appeared in the audience, doing an acoustic version of 'A Million Ways', making those in the front couple of rows sit on the stage to watch. So no, we weren't treated to the dance moves although some kids in the balcony apparently were doing them anyway.

And of course, they played the treadmill song, otherwise known as Here It Goes Again. The only treadmills in sight were part of the images on the screen backdrop. And many of their other songs like Invicible and one of my favourites, Oh Lately It's So Quiet (yousendit).

It was a fun but all too quick show. The band sounded great and more importantly, didn't take themselves too seriously.

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