Friday, April 13, 2007

over and out

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have done it.
I have gleefully handed in my term papers. The weight is off my shoulders - at least for the next couple of days before it's time to start working on the dissertation idea to get some sort of approval before I disappear for six weeks.

This morning I turned in two 13-page papers (and three pages of bibilography, yikes!) on Friday the 13th. Unintentionally of course. I had no idea it was the 13th until I picked up a copy of the free paper someone had left on the bus. And usually I dont glance at the date, but today I did. I glanced at the date and thought, how about that for coincidence. I would like to believe that is somehow a good sign. 13 isn't always unlucky, is it? Anyway, fingers and toes crossed. Will be out of the country when the results come in so have to rely on a classmate to pick them up for me and decipher people's handwriting.

And oh, big plans for the weekend - it will be a weekend of reading. I have been sorely neglected the big bookworm in me and some of you might have noticed that the list of books on the left hand side of this blog has barely changed over the past few weeks, and indeed, I have only been reading a few pages a day. Sad, but true. And this weekend, i will change all that with a trip to the library later this afternoon to bring back a haul of books. And to accompany all that will be several DVDs from the school library including Clerks (the 10th anniversary edition!), Guess who's coming to dinner and The Children's Hour. I'm sure other people's faces will fall when they read my big plans, but hey, it's my weekend, I'll do whatever I want to do with it. Go party someplace else.

Meanwhile, here's some cheese pictures.

This is the truly delicious slab of cheese Yukiko and I got from Amsterdam. Gouda. Need I say more?

And this is the mini indoor picnic lunch we had on Easter weekend.

And this is the kinda food that I'll be eating from now on, cos it's spring and it's 15 deg and, (here's the best time to harp on about how the sun is out, but today, it really isn't. It's a cloudy cloudy day), the stripey deck chairs are out!


me said...

"here are some cheese pics"... hehhs:P

dimsumdolly said...

Congrats on the submission of your term papers!