Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reality bites

After passing through rainbow fields on the train ride to Rotterdam, the greens and browns and greys of England just were so, well, blah.

And after this,

And this,

And this

You'd understand.

(Although first I'd have to tell you all about it - look for the next installment!)


dimsumdolly said...

Wah, looks so nice!!!

Anonymous said...

land of gouda!! yum. its one of my regular cheeses :p England is grey most of the time ... you shd check out Kew Gardens one day- its huge! and not grey! -ching

Dean Harvey said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving your comments - I'll bookmark you to catch up on your news......

PS: I notived you liked Elbow.....they ROCK!

olduvai said...

DSD - yes, so pretty. so lovely. want to go back.

Ching- yeah I know England's not all grey, but that trip from Gatwick back to Brighton sure was! Esp since the train to Rotterdam took us through fields of rainbow.

Dean - hey thanks for stopping by. Elbow is indeed amazing!