Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's times like these

That I really hate this place. 

The whole building (22 flats, with some 4-6 people each) shares 4 dryers. 
Most of the time it's more like 3 as one's out of order or being serviced. 
Last week it was down to two
Today, it was down to ZERO
The two that were in the room were out of order.
The other two had been taken away for servicing. 
My room is full of hanging clothes, although on the bright side, it is a sunny day. 

And a couple of weeks ago, we had no water. The building's water tank had run dry. And since I'm on the top floor and the tank in the basement, it'd take even longer to get the water pressure high enough to reach us. It was supposed to take half an hour. But some two hours later, the taps were dry, although water did occasionally trickle in. The problem was only properly fixed the next morning, resulting in frozen food for dinner (minimal washing up) and a terribly quick and lukewarm shower after. 

Yet how sad that in a few weeks this place will no longer be mine. And a few weeks after that, some fella's gonna come in here, put his/her clothes in the cupboard, and photos on the wall, and be amazed by that view. 

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