Monday, August 27, 2007

A weekend of walking part 1

It was my last weekend in Brighton, and was it a good one! DSD came down on Friday night and on Saturday morning, along with Yukiko, we took the bus along the coast to Beachy Head. The bus ride was about 1.5 hours and finally we reached the spot. The first thing I saw was this:
just a call away
Beachy Head used to be a popular spot for suicides, and we saw some crosses, flowers and even a teddy bear laid for those who leapt to their very rocky deaths. Beachy Head is also famous for being the location of one of the scenes in The Who's Quadrophenia.
Beachy Head pub
Before conquering the cliffs, we decided to fuel up and sat down at the Beachy Head pub's patio. The sun shone bright and the food was better than expected, considering that it was the only pub around.

Beef and guinness pie at Beachy Head pub
Both of them went for the beef and guinness pie, which looked and tasted pretty good.

bacon cheese burger with fries

I went for the bacon and cheese burger. Not classic English fare, but still pretty yummy with chargrilled streaks.

the view of eastbourne
From Beachy Head, we got a great view of Eastbourne.


The weather was just perfect for a great day of walking.

There were lots of ups and downs to get over, and many many photos of the chalk cliffs and the gorgeous lighthouse to take. And finally we walked the three miles to Birling Gap, which was packed with beachgoers and pubbers.

spear diving for sea bass
And it looked like a fine day for speardiving.

beachy head, birling gap

From Birling Gap it was another 5 miles to Seven Sisters, over more rolling hills and some rather steep descents.

seven sisters?
And we kept taking in all these great views behind us. Yes, we'd walked all the way from there, right at the end, past the lighthouse.


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