Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Brighton dreamin

With just a month left to go in my all-too-short Brighton stint, I've resolved to take more pictures. So this morning, I took my camera out for a walk.

Another inevitable Brighton beach shot
It was a lazy hazy day of summer, perfect beach weather and the inevitable deckchairs.

in case help is needed

Some cafe - forgot the name
Some cafe in a great building.

The bench I sat on to read my book
I spent some time reading my book (alas, it was for my dissertation and was thus Frank Furedi's Silent War ) on one of the benches on the promenade over at Hove, which had this inscription on it.

But all too soon, it was time to go back to the flat and continue working on the paper.
where i stay
Yes, the plastic sheeting is still up. On the bright side, living right at the top means that unlike the poor fellas on the other floors I still get to see some some sky.


dimsumdolly said...

Lovely pictures of the beach! You should make them into postcards! Looking forward to our weekend of eating! See ya tomorrow night!

huckerby said...

life life life guard guard guard! hahah