Friday, March 21, 2008

Another list of things I did

In the past couple of weeks, I:

- Saw the Silly Fools in concert. Was waiting for them to sing their Thai songs, but everything was from their new album. In English. They only played one Thai song. Disappointed.

- Had a really sinfully good chocolate mousse cake thingy at B Bakery in Bussorah Street. Chocolate. Heaven.

- Turned up at 645pm (as requested by the coordinator) to help man the reception table at Mel’s wedding on Saturday, only to realise that quite a few guests had already turned up. At 645! A good 45 minutes before it was supposed to start. And a good 1hr 15 min before it actually started. Huge wedding. 61 tables!

- Went to Mt Faber. Saw a lot of construction. Went into a bar/restaurant thing with glass windows and a nice view but a strangely white wedding like table d├ęcor. Felt like we were gatecrashing a wedding or something. Decided we’d head over to Sentosa instead. Had drinks at Coastes. Really really hot, despite being in the shade. The fans whirled quite uselessly. Didn’t help that I wasn’t really dressed for the beach. Envied the vacationers. But Sentosa is starting to resemble a theme park. From the station attendants waving when the train thingy pulls up, to all the concrete and development that’s going on. And what’s with the fish with teeth at the Song of the Sea store?

- Ate at Din Tai Fung for dinner and then to the Shimbashi Soba place for Japanese dessert. They do a pretty yuzu konnayku dessert. Were the last to leave, but then we only get to see Em during those few times she heads back to Sg.

- Celebrated the sassy slumbering girl's birthday at Timbre, Substation. That girl wowed the crowd when she went onstage and sang 'Love Me'. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great time!

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