Saturday, March 29, 2008

ladies who lunch

It's been a while since I've put up food pictures. So here a few for you to savour. DSD and I went for the ladies sushi lunch set ($28) at Kuriya at Shaw Centre on Thursday - I took a couple of days off to check out wedding stuff and she very kindly offered to accompany me. So to thank her for letting me drag her around, listening to people deliver more or less the same spiel, we had lunch at Kuriya. The lunch set changes every month, if I'm not wrong, and the quality is always pretty good.

We started off with a small salad of tuna and salmon, lightly grilled so that it's still raw on the inside.

Ladies Sushi Set at Kuriya - Sakura prawns, broad beans, grilled fish
Then this interesting combination of sakura prawns (slightly sweet), grilled broad beans in their pod, a grilled white fish and what was probably a braised bit of octopus.

Ladies Sushi Set at Kuriya - Bamboo shoot with tofu
Next was a delightful dish of fresh Japanese bamboo shoot, a light and very crisply battered and deepfried seafood cake, on top of some tofu/fish cake. (Sorry if my descriptions are wanting).

Ladies Sushi Set at Kuriya - Chirashi
And then a chirashi set, self-explanatory. It did come with a deepfried prawn, crunch it up, head and all.

The lovely set ended with a slice of strawberry cake and coffee or tea.

Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road
Tel: 6735 5300


mel said...

Just a bit curious...I don't recall you taking pictures of food when I eat out with you. So when is your "optimum" time for food pics? ;)

olduvai said...

Heh well I took these pictures because we had been reception venue scouting, so I had my camera with me for a change. The camera on my phone doesn't take close ups too well, so I seldom use that. So I guess my 'optimum' time is when I actually have my camera! Like when I'm travelling. :)