Thursday, March 13, 2008

There are many reasons for not updating this blog

1) Blogger screwed up and didn't 'Save Now'.
2) I was reading the millions of other blogs floating around in the blogosphere. Like the very excellent Book by its cover and Bookshelf
3) I was listening to Sons and Daughters, Vampire Weekend, Hafdis Huld,
4) I did an interview at Old School for a project I'm assisting on, then get stuck there when it starts to rain, and with that, the opportunity for a nice long lunch at Recess, where the folks do a pretty yummy black pepper duck sandwich.
5) I've been transcribing and translating, rather painfully, an interview conducted in Mandarin.

4) Checking out La Cantina for a possible venue, then thinking of other venues, then relooking the possiblity of split events. I hope I only get married once, cos all this is not happening again.

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