Sunday, March 23, 2008


Cluny Court’s been around for a pretty long time but it’s only in the past year (or less) that it’s been on many people’s radars. I live around the area so I’ve watched as it was built and then left pretty much empty for ages. It’s nice to see it filling up with a variety of shops and cafes. But so far I haven’t been really impressed by what I’ve eaten there. Erm, that is, at Karma Kettle & Rhapsody, where I had a pleasant, if forgettable Lavender Chicken some months back (I enjoyed the rice served with it more).

It was a humid Sunday afternoon when I walked over and went upstairs for the first time to eat at Relish. It’s a lovely space, lots of good light, a high ceiling, a simple, clean design. I like that when I sat down, I got served water straight away, without even having to ask for it. See DSD’s blog for an explanation. There is an interesting variety of burgers on the menu, like the Ram-lee burger, a Mexican burger, a Portobello mushroom burger, but you know what, I like my burgers pretty simple, at the most, add some strips of crispy bacon and cheese. And that’s what I had, the bacon and cheese burger ($19). J had the Wild Rocket burger. And we shared some home made onion rings. Those onion rings were good, thick slices in a nice crispy batter. The burgers were good, the meat was done just right (medium) but the bacon was quite forgettable. The burgers came with chips, which were a little bit too overdone for us. And later, as two ladies at the next table were served their burgers with salad, we realised that maybe we could’ve asked for an alternative to the chips. But no one told us that.

Sunday lunches are meant to be relaxing but at about 1pm, when the place was nearly full, mostly with young families, with kids’ voices echoing around us, it did get a bit too noisy to think. But it was on the whole, a lovely Sunday lunch.

#02-01 Cluny Court
501 Bukit Timah Road

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