Thursday, January 04, 2007

five down

(and many more to go)

I lugged five books (all hardcover mind you) back to the school library today. As I handed over Marx's Capital to the librarian, he looked at the spine and muttered 'Capital'. I wasn't sure if that was a comment on my reading habits or that it was a capital book. (Not that I actually read the whole book of course, I just wanted the first section on commodities for my rather absurd term paper on domestic workers.) Maybe he just liked the sound of the word.

Unfortunately, returning five books meant borrowing three more. Mathematically, it's still two up for the books, but it's a minor victory for me and my (lack of) room.

Term paper-wise, I'm still sitting on them. I am tired of them, tired of the evil robber-murderer-domestic-worker (don't ask) situation.

This morning as I walked to the bus stop, I saw a man with a sneaker on his left foot and a black leather shoe on his right. Maybe he too was tired of the evil robber-murderer-domestic-worker situation.

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