Monday, January 01, 2007

too soon

For a while I was foolish enough to think that maybe I'd gotten better at it, but that last hug and kiss and wave at the departure gates is always painful, whether you're the one leaving or the one left behind.

But what a grand time we had in these two weeks.

Walks on the beach when the precious winter sun was out.

Poking around the village of Lewes and its castle.

Showing R around my school

Wandering around Brighton

And watching as R takes all these lovely photos, including this one of the Royal Pavilion.

(and here's a snapshot of my personal photographer)

Or just hanging out in the flat, watching DVDs, talking, cooking dinner together.

And now it's back to the mundanity of student life.


me said...

it sounds all too familiar...
but u glad u guys had a great time though!! happy new year!!

mel said...

heh...u also take photos of photogs taking photos, join the club :) it sounds like both of you had a wonderful time together, happy that you've met someone like him - we will get to meet him at some point this year right?

caedmon said...

so sweet :)

olduvai said...

happy new year all of you.

mel - of course! i didn't get the chance to do some meet-the-friends sessions before he left so when we get back, definitely.

huckerby said...

his photos look good!