Sunday, January 07, 2007

my not-so-secret food stash

The problem with sharing a flat with three other girls is the lack of space in the kitchen - we each get one skinny pantry cupboard and another couple of rows in the lower cupboards. And one shelf each in the fridge and a shared freezer compartment.

As a result, food spills over into my room. My second shelf is its own pantry. I've got a box of muruku, one of ginger snaps, another of raisins. One ziplock of butter biscuits (which are pretty good dipped in a hot drink, otherwise they'd crack your teeth), another bag of cheddar crackers, 1.5 packets of bak kwa sent over from Singapore (unfortunately they come in small vacuum packs and each piece is gone in three unsatisfactory), and one lone teacake from M&S. I've got loads of teas - oolong, jasmine, green tea, darjeeling, green tea with jasmine, and a ginger-lemon tea. A lone clementine sits on the other end of the shelf, the rest of its family long eaten. On the windowsill is a almost-finished chocolate orange - startingly better than I thought it'd taste and a bottle of water and some lemon sweets.

I'm not done yet - a plastic bag under the bag holds the following: cornbread mixes and mac&cheese-in-the-box brought over from the US, some chocolate mints given at Christmas, and a bag of potato chips (I must say that the potato chip flavours here are really something - Peking Duck, mango chilli and more). I'm sure someone will have sthg to say about the mac&cheese but yes it's a guilty pleasure. It's just so much easier than doing it myself, although I did prefer the DIY version as adding cornmeal really gives it a nice interesting crunch...mmm...

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me said...

dude.. dont overdo on the snacks!!:P