Friday, January 26, 2007


I was in the school library on Wednesday, taking out some books to read over the weekend in preparation for next week. I bumped into a classmate and we began talking about the different classes we're taking this term. Talking, mind you, not whispering in hushed Library tones. It's a noisy library, especially on the ground floor. People chat, people answer phones. If you do want to work properly, you're best off on the first or second floors, especially in the 'quiet zones'. The one really quiet zone is to one end of the building, with the Ds and the Gs. The problem with it - that musty old book smell as most of the Ds are ages old (that's where I got out some books on India that were from the 1800). So I tend not to hang around the library for ages - it's more of a grab-and-go technique. Plus their sofas look like they've been around since the school opened. However, there are some nice spots around the library which look out to the downs - lush green rolling hills. It's very pleasant especially if you turn on the ipod and drown out the noise.

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