Wednesday, January 14, 2009

library longings

I joined the library yesterday. I had the library itch. And just had to put aside the two books I was already reading (as well as the other books I bought in February and have yet to touch) and take up the membership for more, lots more books.

The nearest library is just a few minutes' drive away but it's not a very big library, in fact, it's smaller (if that's even possible) than the Queenstown Library in Singapore, a two-storey building mostly overrun by little children (the adult fiction is right behind the children's section) and smelling of fried food from the cafe within.

SSF's library is a single-storey building. However, for such a small library, it does have a pretty decent collection and I came away with 8 books. The limit on each card is 50 books, so no longer do I have to carry three library cards with me (Singapore's libraries allow a measly four books per card) for my reading marathons. Now I have a nice tall pile of books to read under the covers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what other titles u reading? =)

hiya...the ones i grabbed r more on the financial side.

except for horror stories by anthony horowitz. what other nice stories can i lose myself in? =)